Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home
Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home

Importance Of A Name

Christopher and Lesleigh Bennett

Christopher and Lesleigh Bennett own 100% of Holland, Barry and Bennett Funeral Home. There are no other owners, so any decision we make we can stand by. We answer to God and our families we serve.

In today’s funeral service environment it is very important to know what the names are on the front sign and what they mean to that particular funeral home.

It is common place for an individual or corporation to buy controlling interest in a funeral home and leave the people who you are familiar with there to run it, but not control it.

They leave the names you are familiar with on the sign, and add a name you are unfamiliar with, or ad small disclosure statement underneath.

Leaving the names you are familiar with on the sign is an easy way to fly under most peoples radar. It is funeral service and most people don’t spend time thinking about funeral homes, until they need one. In many situations like this, people don’t realize that the person they are familiar with is not the person in control.

People only look at the name they know, but never ask who is the name I don’t recognize, or why does the same name show up (in the names of funeral homes) in obituaries from many different towns.

Funeral service is a business, but it is a business of trust. Trust to care for your loved one, Trust you will be treated properly, Trust that you will not be overcharged and taken advantage of, and Trust that the funeral home is honest. The very first step to honesty starts with the names on the sign, that is the Importance of a Name.

Holland, Barry and Barry

These gentlemen were the Holland and Barry in Holland and Barry Funeral Home. We are very proud of the reputation they established in funeral service, with the many years of service as Logan County Coroner, and the great reputation they had as upstanding members of Logan County. It is only through their passing that we have the honor to continue their service, and do so proudly.