Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home
Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home


“Leslie is an absolute Angel. She is the most caring and considerate person. She helped me get through my husband’s arrangements, even driving all the way to my home to make them.

Their prices were so reasonable but the quality was outstanding. They go above and beyond great customer service.. they actually care. Thanks so much for all that you do.”

 – Diana Costa, wife & family of Charlie Costa

“Chris & Lesleigh, just want to thank you for everything you did for my brother (Scott) and our family during the time of his passing. I have never encountered such loving and caring professionals. A special thank you to Lesleigh for her beautiful voice during the service. Thanks again.”

 – The family of William “Scott” Heuck

“Lesleigh and Chris Bennett are truly unbelievable people. When we lost our Uncle recently they went above and beyond to help us in any way they could. Lesleigh took care of all of the paperwork that needed to be done, thus taking some of the burden off of us.

Our Uncle was extremely frail when he passed and when we saw him at visitation we could not believe how peaceful he looked. Losing someone is never easy, even if you think you are prepared, yet Chris and Lesleigh have a way of making things a little easier.

When they picked our Uncle up Lesleigh said it was ok, they would just take him home with them. It made it easier on us knowing that he wasn’t alone. They will always have our gratitude. We would also like to thank Mr. Garry Whittaker, and employee of Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home.”

 – Mike & Dawn Stoltzenburg, family of James Matson

“A big thank you to Holland, Barry & Bennett for their huge part in the final situation. Their assistance and leadership and Christian attitude were a blessing through the whole thing and the arrangements for the funeral itself, in the chapel.”

– Gerald & Jeanne Sampen, family of Flossie Sampen

“We just wanted you to know how very much we appreciated your kindness before, during and after our loss of Ruth. You helped so much to relieve our stress and to help us know how you value life.”

– Richard and Roberta Hendee, family of Ruth Hendee

“I want to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for my family over the last few weeks. Losing a member of one’s family is a very lonely and sad reality of life. However, losing two members at the same time is very rare, and has over taken my family with sadness.

When we picked the Bennett Funeral Home it was my recommendation to the family based on past experience. Chris and Leslie, you both were great at taking the time to talk with us, and open your doors even after hours for anything we needed during this time. Everything looked beautiful, and I know my mother and grandmother would have thought so also.

You were very understanding in explaining anything we didn’t quite know how to go about doing, and I would definitely recommend the Bennett Funeral Home for any future services to my family and friends. Thank you for making this very sad time in our lives a little bit easier.”

– The Mary Cooper and Brenda Martin Family

“Your care and concern with the care and handling of my loved one and her memorial service will forever be remembered by me and my family. Also from what I was told by her fiends and mine, everyone was impressed. Although I had a hard time expressing my feeling and appreciation then you knew what I wanted to ask and my cares and you saw to the completion of all of them Thank you so much.”

– Everett Kennett the Family of Lois Kennett

“Your professionalism, kindness & caring attitude was amazing and I would recommend your services to everyone in their time of sorrow. Our first meeting, you were so kind, patient & informative – helping us to make decisions we hadn’t even thought about. May God bless you both.”

– Bonnie Schulmeister, Daughter of Jim Rickord

“To The Bennett Family The family of Glodean Hoyt wishes to express our heartfelt gratitude for the way you helped us with the arrangements and blessed us with you generosity in the financial area. Lesleigh – thank you for your kindness and consideration to make this an easier transition for us.”

– Deborah Owens and all of the Hoyt family

“My husband passed away March 22nd. I had his services done at Bennett’s funeral home. We were very pleased with everything. It was very nice. I would trust them again because of the kindness and caring they showed my family.”

– Wilma Hurley, wife & family of Bill Hurley

“During the loss of our loved one Jerry Norris, Chris and Lesleigh Bennett went above and beyond in helping with our grief and decision making. They were both very compassionate and treated all of us like we were their family. We can’t say enough good things about them. We would highly recommend them when the time comes and your your family is in need of their services.

If you want someone to give you caring, compassion, and understanding… they can do that! When you need a true friend who makes you feel like family…they can do that! You will not be disappointed.”

– The family of Jerry Norris Lincoln, Illinois

“When our mother passed away, we were heartbroken and we had no idea how to go about planning her service. But with Lesleigh’s guidance and kind, caring words, it made our job so much easier. We told her what our mom liked and she helped us plan a beautiful service.

We had so many compliments on everything — the casket, flowers, songs Lesleigh sang and especially how beautiful our mom looked. We would recommend Holland, Barry & Bennett to anyone because they were the best.”

– The Ina (Lyon) Carter Family

“My mother, Hazel Werth, passed away on October 25, 2009. Chris and Lesleigh Bennett were very professional in handling the visitation and funeral. They answered all our questions in a professional way. They were not pushy in selling their products, but went above and beyond what we expected of them. On Dec. 31, 2009, my husband, Cliff C. Sullivan passed away.

Again they were professional and caring. They made both funerals easier to handle and were available to answer all our questions. Their building is spacious, single level with no stairs and they are moderately priced.”

– Linda Sullivan & Family Of Hazel Werth & Cliff “Sonny” Sullivan

“Dear Lesleigh, Thank you for all your service for Janet Jones. Your beautiful singing really made our service special. Thanks so much.”

– Sincerely, Don & Donna Olsen; Family of Janet Jones

“Losing a loved one is a very hard time. Chris and Lesleigh Bennett eased our grief by being so compassionate, caring, patient, and understanding. They act like you are family. We highly recommend them.”

– The family of Richard E. “Dick” Sampson – Lincoln, Illinois

“Thank you for your promptness and it looks as though you have everything well in hand for my husband Jess’s burial. You run a very professional organization and I am so glad Jess selected Holland, Barry & Bennett and that you have taken it over and covered our needs at this time. Thank you very much”

– Mary Birks

“When my husband passed away, my family and I chose Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home to help us through this difficult time. I found them to be very accommodating, precise, and uncomplicated.

At a time like this, you need someone you can depend on; with confidence and consideration to lead you through such a difficult moment in your life. I was very satisfied with their handling of the entire process.”

– Glenda Bell, wife of Russ Bell

“Chris & Lesleigh are caring and loving Christian people and took care of every need that we had. All we had to do is show up for the visitation and funeral.”

– Lea McEntire Wife of Paul McEntire

“The Bennett family was helpful guides through the difficult process of saying goodbye to our little girl.”

– Brian and Chantell Mills and the family of Regan Mills

“On behalf of the family of David Sawyer, we would like to thank you and the staff at Holland, Barry and Bennett Funeral Home. Your facility was designed perfectly for the services; from the light and warm atmosphere to the ease of access it provided everyone. I personally can not thank you enough for the empathy and efficiency with which you helped us through the many details of planning.

You were so responsive to every question and requests. You made us all fell very comfortable coming to you with anything, at a time when that is just what we needed. It was a great comfort to know you were handling this important day for us.”

– Sincerely, Mark Sawyer and the Family of David Sawyer

“We can not emphasize enough how much you and your services were appreciated through the difficult time we recently encountered with the loss of our son and brother, Ryan Schleder. When it came time to decide where to hold the services, we immediately thought of Holland Barry & Bennett Funeral Home because of your reputation and time spent with you in the community.

We could never have imagined the number of decisions to be made during our time of grief, but you helped to guide us through effortlessly. You were there to assist us through all of our requests no matter the challenge and without hesitation. Your home was inviting and comforting for all of us during this time and was more than we could have hoped to experience.

The service was amazingly beautiful and truly unforgettable…leaving all that attended with a sense of peace and Ryan in their hearts. Thank you so very much!”

– The Schleder Family John, Mona, Kim and Chris

“My mother, Marilyn McCray, passed away almost 6 months ago from cancer at the age of 58. Before she left us, she was able to plan her own funeral arrangements. She chose Holland Barry and Bennett Funeral home. Sure, there were others in town, but she really liked the place, caring and kind service she received once she walked through the door. Lesleigh and Chris sat down with my mom.

They helped her choose and plan exactly “how” she wanted her service to be like. I remember that day my Mother went there and did all of this. I called her and asked her if she was o.k., she said, “Yes, son, I am fine. They made it easy for me and now I don’t have to worry.” When mom said that, I cried and told her how good that was to know and I wanted her to have the best. 

After the funeral services were over, Lesleigh and Chris sat down and talked with my brothers and me. They made sure that we were satisfied with the services and wanted to know if there was anything that we didn’t like. I only had one answer for them: everything was perfect, just like my mom would have wanted. 

Their facility was clean and smelled clean. They were courteous and polite to all who entered the facility. Their customer service is just absolutely great, not to mention that I probably called 5 or 6 times after hours to ask them questions.

They answered every call, no matter what time it was. You just can’t put a price on service like that! I just wanted to say, thank you so very much!”

– Robert G. McCray son of Marilyn McCray

“Our need developed unexpectedly and fast. While still numb from the shock of Megan’s death, funeral arrangements needed to be made. We were as unprepared as anyone could be for the decisions that needed to be made. Chris and Lesleigh Bennett helped us through the entire process with compassion, empathy, and genuine heartfelt kindness. We are forever appreciative.”

– Tom, Darla, and T.J. Kissel The family of Megan Kissel